I brake for junk

I brake for junk - The Marvelous Michelina | marvelousmichelina.com

Over the past few years I’ve discovered my passion for picking — junk. Re-purposed junk, new junk, old junk. I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve found myself trolling through antique stores, yard sales, thrift stores – but my current illicit love affair is with an antique mall not far from my home in the heart of Dixie. They’re situated inside an old mill and have 80,000+ sq feet of J.U.N.K. I love this place and all the ideas that I get when “Red” and I visit. The first time we visited we were overwhelmed and walked around just so we could get a “lay of the land” and have a better idea of what was in store for us. After that, we cracked open our wallets and bought some really cool stuff. A good pair of walking shoes and about four hours are needed for your first trip. They have a little of everything – man cave items, shabby and farmhouse stuff for the gals, re-purposed things and your straight out-of-the-attic (or basement) treasures. A little bit of everything to feed the habit.

Who knows – perhaps those old suitcases can find a new life as an end table, or old metal signs can be made into 3D art or a few door knobs hung on an old rubber stamp rack look great as a display!

When walking through this vintage junk paradise, I also love to people watch. I love to see young kids ask their parents about the things that they’ve never seen before. I also love to see those of us reaching middle age have our faces light up (mine included) when they come across something familiar from their childhood and the memories come flooding back. There’s something to be said for picking through others discarded items and finding a way to breathe life back into them.

I guess you could say what’s old is new again in the world of being a junking gypsy!

– M.M.

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