Permission to be a little messy

I’ve never been big on following trends for home décor. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the farm house inspiration of living the simple life and I love antiques, but now being in the business of selling what someone else deems ‘clutter’ has opened me to a different way of thinking – and apparentlyContinue reading “Permission to be a little messy”

For vege’s sake – can something

When I was a kid, my mom was always an avid “canner” of vegetables and preserver of fruit. She would put up plum preserves that we would feast on throughout the winter. Just place some of that dark-colored, sugary concoction on some warm toast or homemade bread and I’m one happy camper. Along with theContinue reading “For vege’s sake – can something”

A little charcoal won’t kill ya

I have numerous fond memories involving my father grilling out during the summer months in our backyard in NY. Some may scoff at his way of lighting a grill – but I tell you, it always worked. We had a little cast iron hibachi grill, some charcoal and … a little jar of gasoline. IContinue reading “A little charcoal won’t kill ya”