If books could talk

If books could talk - The Marvelous Michelina | marvelousmichelina.com

I fear that some young people nowadays do not have an appreciation for a physical book. They have at their disposal the convenience of reading things ‘electronically’ and have little interest in experiencing the pleasure of cracking open a book or the sheer joy of going into their library. Does anyone even have a library card anymore? I know I do, but I am a bibliophile and full-on book nerd. I remember going down to my local library and checking out a ton of books each summer during my elementary school years. When the local library was no longer an option to walk to, my mom introduced me to the local bookstore and I fed my appetite that way. Thanks to my Mom – I think I personally keep B&N from going out of business.

My love affair with books is not unknown to my extended family and friends. They still feed my book obsession which usually results in late-night reading marathons. While I have come to embrace the modern era and do read some books electronically; I’ve recently (re)discovered the simple pleasures of physically owning books. My library and to-be-read (TBR) pile have grown exponentially over the last year. There is something completely comforting in owning a book and having your own library from which to choose a new adventure anytime you wish. I’ve spent the last twelve months reintroducing myself to old friends and finding new ones in the process as well. Any genre will do, but I do love a good mystery or general fiction that pulls me in from the first page.

If you indulge me, I will from time to time review/showcase books that have captured me and perhaps they will capture you too.


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